Sklocement plus s.r.o. is the leading European manufacturer of glass fibre reinforced concrete products. The company was founded in 2000 based on many years of previous experience in the area of research and development of modern building materials.

Since the very beginning, the company has been focusing and specializing in the manufacture and development of fibre reinforced concrete composite which finds application especially in the area of modern architecture, particularly in the design and implementation of sheathing of buildings.

The modern production equipment including fully automated operations and CNC machining centres allows the company to keep accepting new challenges and constantly move the implementation possibilities forward.

In the production and development of fibre reinforced concrete composite, Polycon products have been technological leaders for a long time. The company regularly introduces products, technologies and services with innovative features that significantly shift the implementation possibilities of every project. We have been intensively working on the development of these technologies with technicians, engineers and leading professionals from various disciplines allowing the company to keep up with new trends in the field of construction, architecture and design.

Thanks to the intensive development of technology, focus on high-quality but non-standard execution of building elements both in terms of form as well as execution and finally thanks to the focus on maximum service and customer satisfaction, the Company manages to implement more and more new projects and strengthen its position in the international market.